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Jackie Guzman ~  305-725-3071  Weston, Florida
I'm glad you could stop by and visit us!

You are at risk of falling in love at First Sight. We have the cutest Toy, Teacup Poodles and the tiniest, Imperial Shih Tzu Puppies with the ultimate breath taking baby doll faces!!

If you are looking for a beautiful, healthy Toy Poodle or Imperial Shih Tzu Puppy to take with you everywhere you go, and to be the admiration of everyone you meet....you've come to the right place!   Our Lovable Furry Puppies make the perfect travel companions due to their excellent temperament and tiny size.
Browse our site to your heart's content and be sure to check out the babies in our Nursery.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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We definitely have the perfect "Purse Puppies" for you!  Above all else, we reach for the best when it comes to health and beauty.  All of our Lovable Furry Puppies posses the following physical traits:
  • Toys are 10 inches in height and under
  • Teacups are 8 inches or under, 2-4 lbs. (teacup is not a word used by AKC).
  • Teacups are NOT RUNTS . They are truly very  small size poodles.
  • Elegant appearing dog, squarely built
  • Eyes..very dark, oval in shape and set far enough apart and positioned to create an alert intelligent expression.
  • Ears-- hanging close to the head, set at or slightly below eye level. The ear leather is long, wide and thickly feathered; however, the ear fringe should not be of excessive length. For more information on the standard for showingToy Poodles visit AKC.  
  • Ultimate health is the key ingredient to a thick, lustrous silky coat
  • Stunning smushy baby doll faces that takes your breath away!
  • Tiny high set noses that create the perfect face appearance.
  • Big bright eyes with no visible eye white that makes the prettiest, loving expression!
  • The ideal body build...compact cobby bodies and short legs that puts the final touch needed for a complete "tiny package".